Cosmetic Ingredients Label
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Important, Please Read:

This form should only be used for ingredient labels when using a Stansfield's assessment and recipe.
If you have used an ingredient not listed on the assessment/recipe unfortunately this form cannot be used.

When filling in this form, all weights must be entered in grams (g).

Your labels will be printed using the details that you have entered, it is your responsibility to ensure that all details are correct, Stansfield's will not check the form before printing.

Digital Labels
please fill in this form after you have placed an order. once the form is complete and the form is filled out you will receive your Label template over the email provided below.
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If you would like the text "Made by XYZ" added to the label please enter the name of the person who created this batch.

e.g., If you would like "Made by Florence" printed, simply type "Florence" into this box (without the quotes).
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