How To Make Wax Melts

This is the first ever blog!
I thought I would start out with a few basic must knows, so with that in mind I’m going to start with information about wax and making melts.

First of all you are going to want to choose the right type of wax for you, this can be an absolute minefield when deciding so hopefully this will help.

There are different types of wax such as soy, bees, paraffin, gel, granulated, palm. And these waxes come in different forms such as pellets, flakes, blocks, powder. These waxes also range in different textures for example a wax can be very soft all the way up to very hard, depending on the texture may depend on what products or finish you are trying to achieve. The waxes also can be used for various products for example you may hear the word pillar blend and this indicates that it is ideal for a wax product that can stand alone for example wax melts or a pillar candle. You may also hear the word container blend, this is ideal for a product such as a jar candle as it will adhere to the container that it is in.

There is also a phenomenon called frosting which happens to soy wax, it is natural and sometimes it can’t be helped. Frosting is when it looks like frost is on the surface of your set product; however it will not effect the scent throw or usaage it is purely cosmetic. To the effect of frosting try and pour at a slightly cooler temperature to what you did the previous time if frosting occurred. Also frosting may occur overtime if the product is left for a while again this is a natural occurrence with soy wax.

I will talk about the waxes that we sell at Stansfield’s fragrance oils so that you can hopefully decide the right one for you.

First off I will start with our most popular wax which is kerasoy 4120 pillar blend. This wax is popular as it is really easy to get right and doesn’t often frost. This particular wax is a soy wax and is deal for wax melts as it doesn’t adhere to the mould.  This wax is a medium textured wax I find and leaves a lovely shine. It is very easy to work with and is a great starter wax. The cold and hot throw is very good.

Kerasoy 4130 container blend is a lot like the pillar blend except is isn’t very good for use with wax melt making but is ideal if you are making hat/container candles. It is a soy wax and leaves a lovely shine to your product. Again it is very easy to use and would be ideal as a starter for making candles. The cold and hot throw is very good.

Golden wax 494 is a soy wax and is a soft wax it is fairly easy to use and is our second most popular wax that we sell. It is a pillar blend and is ideal for wax melts, I find this wax to be very good in an electric warmer. This wax I find leaves a creamy matt finish and I find is great for marbelling with (I will talk about marbelling in a different blog). The cold and hot throw is good.

Golden wax 464 is a soy wax and is a soft wax and fairly easy to use. It is a container wax so is ideal for jar/container candle making. I find it leaves a very good wax pool on top of a candle and the scent throw is good.

Elite 300 this is a palm wax and sadly is going to be discontinued due to the manufacturer stopping it’s production. It leaves the most impressive shine on your end product and is great for wax melts. The scent throw is ok but not as impressive as other waxes I find.

C-3 is a soy wax and is a medium to soft wax I find. It has a lovey scent through but I find a few people have frosting issues with this wax so you really have to experiment with your pouring temperatures. It is good for wax melts and candles. It has a good scent throw.

Kerax 4600 is a paraffin wax and is a pillar blend so ideal for wax melts it is a very hard wax and a lot of people use this to mix with other softer waxes to create their own blend but it can be used on its own, if using it on its own double pouring is recommend (I will explain that in a different blog). It has a very good cold and hot throw.

Kerax coconut 4135 is a container blend. It is a very soft wax, this makes it ideal for making scoopable wax but it is often mixed with coconut oil for a more scoopable effect. This wax is also very good for jar/container candles. It has a good hot and cold throw. I wouldn’t recommend this wax for wax melts.

I hope I gave you some good information on the wax we sell and I hope it helps you make up your mind which is right for you. I’m hoping to start a video blog or a YouTube channel to show you how to make lots of different products using Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils products.

Have a great day!
Rachel Stansfield.


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