Make Your Own: Whipped Soap Starter Kit

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Whipped Soap Starter Kit

In the Whipped Soap Starter Kit you will receive:-

50g Fragrance Oil *

2 x 2g Non Bleed Neon Dye *

Grapeseed Oil  50ml

50g Shea Butter

Crystal OPC Base


* If your choice is unavailable, we will contact you. 

Additional Items you will need 

Piping Bag & Nozzle

Hand Blender

Containers – we recommend 200ml PET Jar with Black Screw Top Lid

(1 starter kit makes approximately 6 x 200ml Whipped Soap)


On the instructions it will tell you a safe limit of what amount of water soluble dye to use. We have lowered this from the actual assessment for safety for the user of this product. If you go on to purchase the assessment the allowance of the maximum % of the dye is increased and please read the assessment fully and know the limits. Any questions please contact us.

We’ve listed all scents that have a greater than or equal to 2% maximum allowance in IFRA Category 9 (49th Amendment), however it is you as the manufacturer that is ultimately responsible to ensure that your choice of fragrance oil is suitable.

Please note that you may not sell this recipe it belongs to Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils Limited, selling this recipe may result in a lawsuit. You may not use this recipe to sell bath bombs unless you buy the assessment from Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils Limited.


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