Mucky Pub Fragrance Oil

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5 reviews for Mucky Pub Fragrance Oil

  1. Kayleigh Hanlon (verified owner)

    This is a strong scent that smells just like beer smells like being in a pub 🙂

  2. (verified owner)

    Got this when it was scent of the week and had really low expectations, imagining smelly old drunk men lol. Coming from someone who really dislikes the smell of beer and lager its actually a very subtle hoppy smell. I renamed it to ‘fancy a pint?’ and i think it will be well received.

  3. silentsongbird (verified owner)

    This is a marmite type scent. You’ll either love it or hate it. I have had great feedback from it and personally like it too. It has a sweet somewhat ‘sticky’ beer undertone to it with a feel of musky pub. It’s a hard one to describe. Unique, interesting and worth a try of you’re curious.

  4. Brianne Cowley-Pitts (verified owner)

    I’ve not made any melts up in it yet.. but this smells like beer in the bottle. I’m dying to smell it in a melt!

  5. Jill Nolan (verified owner)

    Five stars cos it’s exactly what it’s described as but I will warn you it’s not for everyone!

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