Pink Dye Powder (Water Soluble) CI45380

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Pink Dye Powder (Water Soluble) SDS

Pink: CI: 45380

This is a beautiful strong vibrant colour perfect for your bath & shower products! You only need a few sprays of water to bring out its true rich, vibrant colour.

This product can be used to make the following- Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Bubble bars, Liquid Bubble Bath, Melt & Pour Soap, Shower Gel, Whipped Scrubs and Whipped Soap.

  • Please wear gloves whilst handling this product as it may stain your skin.
  • May stain your clothes so handle with care.
  • Do not digest this product.
  • Do not breath in this product.
  • Keep out the reach of children and animals.

Weight: N/A

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