Bright Yellow Dye Powder (Water Soluble) CI19140

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Category: Bath Bomb Assessed Dyes & Mica , Bath Bomb Making Products , Dyes & Mica, Water Soluble Dyes 

Bright Yellow SDS

Bright Yellow: CI: 19140

This is a beautiful strong vibrant colour perfect for your bath & shower products! You only need a few sprays of water to bring out its true rich, vibrant colour.

This product can be used to make the following- Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Bubble bars, Liquid Bubble Bath, Melt & Pour Soap, Shower Gel, Whipped Scrubs and Whipped Soap.

Please wear gloves whilst handling this product as it may stain your skin.

May stain your clothes so handle with care.

Do not digest this product.

Do not breath in this product.

Keep out the reach of children and animals.

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