Hazardous Base CLP Re-Calculation ( Free Sheet of Labels )

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Hazardous Base Re-calculations

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1-5 Fragrances: £12.50 each      6 -10 Fragrances : £10.00 each

We will re-calculate a CLP for use in an Hazardous Base.

the Bases we provide, but are not limited to are:

  • Augeo
  • Perfumers Alchohol
  • Isopropanol
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Citric Acid

If there is a Hazardous Base we do not currently provide then you can upload a SDS and we can still create the CLP.

With this product you will receive a digital copy of both the SDS and CLP for your product .

You will also Receive a free sheet of 45mm Round Labels with the product on with the option to purchase more sheets**

For additional Sheets Click here after you have added this item to your basket

Our CLP Labels can be printed on a selection of sized labels:

Round 45mm – 24 labels per sheet
Round 51mm – 15 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Portrait) 38.1mm x 99.1mm – 14 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Landscape) 99.1mm x 38.1mm – 14 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Portrait) 38mm x 63mm – 21 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Landscape) 63mm x 38mm – 21 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Landscape) 63.5mm x 72mm – 12 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Landscape) 99.1mm x 57.3mm – 10 labels per sheet
Rectangle (Portrait) 57.3mm x 99.1mm – 10 labels per sheet

Cant see a size you require ? feel free to get in touch and we can adjust these to your needs

All our labels are available Here

Hazardous Base Re-Calculation Form
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Be aware that Your Name, Email address, Phone Number and Address WILL appear on the Safety Data Sheet which you must make available to anyone who requests it.
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We hope to get you your labels as fast as possible, we will keep you informed if there are any delays.

If you fail to fill in the form. We will attempt to contact you. If after 1 calendar month of you placing the order, if no further contact has been made, we will refund the CLP Labels. Any other products that were purchased at the same time will then be shipped as normal.

By placing the order you accept and understand that:

You will carefully checked the form for errors before submitting it.

You understand that as this is a bespoke product, unless the product is faulty the distance selling regulations do not apply: e.g. printing errors.

You understand that you are legally responsible for the correct usage including but not limited to, the correct placement of the label on your product.

You understand that if you have chosen to rename a fragrance and that name is copyrighted by a third party, You are wholly responsible if legal action is taken against You.

You understand that the design of the CLP remains the property of Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils and may not be reproduced without our written permission.

To note from 1 January 2021, the EU CLP Regulation will be replaced in Great Britain by the GB CLP Regulation, which also adopts the United Nations Global Harmonised System (GHS). Therefore, most label elements such as pictograms and hazard statements will remain the same. However, there may be some differences in the EU CLP Regulation and the GB CLP Regulation, therefore, EU importers must ensure that classification and labelling is assigned correctly for all hazardous chemical products received directly from GB before placing those products onto the EU market.

Due to the above, we will currently only be offering the CLP Label Printing service to customers in the United Kingdom.

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