Shipping Methods Q&A

Q: What is an Open Box?

When checking out, there are options ‘Open Box’ & ‘Close Open Box and Send’, what are these?

If you choose the Open Box option when checking out, you pay for your order as normal however Stansfield’s don’t send it to you straight away, we hold on to your order for you.

You can then make another order and select Open Box again, in fact there’s no limit to how many times you can choose Open Box and there’s also no time limit either.

Why would I want Stansfield’s to keep hold of my purchases?

As you pay the same postage each time we send you your order, these postage costs can add up, especially if you’re making lost of small purchases. We’ll happily keep all of your Open Box purchases together and when you’re ready make your final Open Box purchase and choose the ‘Close Open Box and Send’ option. You’ll only pay the minimum amount for postage. (ORDER OVER 30KG OR 1 BOX WILL BE CONTACTED FOR EXTRA POSTAGE)

Q: What is Add To Order?

If you’ve placed an order then realised that you’ve forgotten something, you can make another order then choose ‘Add To’, this ensures that you only pay the minimum amount of postage.

However before using this option you always have to contact us first and receive confirmation that it’s OK to do this. This is because if your order that you’re adding to has already been picked and packed, it’s not possible to add anything to it. Also at very busy times, we may have to turn off the Add To option.

Q: What is Click & Collect?

Choose this option if you’re able to come to us; Stansfield’s is based in Hull, if you’re able to get here (Unit B, Solo Works, Rotterdam Road, HU7 0XD), once you’ve received your ‘Completed’ Email, feel free pop in between 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday to collect your order.

Q: What is Labels Only?

If you’re only ordering any of our labelling services on there own a lower cost postage option will appear so you don’t have to pay for a full box to receive your items.

Information is correct as of April 2024. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw these delivery methods.