Seaside Doughnuts Fragrance Oil

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Category: Bakery & Desserts, Fragrance Oils
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6 reviews for Seaside Doughnuts Fragrance Oil

  1. Nicole Hunt (verified owner)

    Doesn’t smell as expected. Vanilla is all I get

  2. Stacey McWee (verified owner)

    smells good enough to eat. one of my best sellers.

  3. Mary Coyle (verified owner)

    Lovely bakery scent, vanilla and sugar. What’s not to like

  4. Sophie Homer (verified owner)

    Lovely bakery fragrance!

  5. Laura Lawson (verified owner)

    This is a stunning scent, if you’re familiar with Scottish sweets this is EXACTLY like Scottish Tablet, which is what I sell it as and its by far been one of my best sellers. Perfect cosy sweet scent

  6. Mrs O (verified owner)

    This is sweet sugary dough, Mmmmmm. I let it cure for two months before melting and throw is great.

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