Tomato Red Liquid Dye D23192

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Tomato Red Liquid Dye D23192

Oil soluble, Non-personal care products.

Our liquid dyes are the most soluble colourant available. Use them when you want a candle or wax melt to be dyed throughout(not over dipping). Oil soluble, Non-personal care products.


  • Virtually free of insoluble matter
  • No dusting as found with powders
  • High flash point 200F/93C
  • Easily mixed to create unique shades
  • Concentrated
  • REACH compliant
  • GHS compliant

USAGE Paraffin and Vegetable Wax and Plastics:

  • Off-White Shades(Vanilla, Ivory) 0.004%
  • Pale Shades(Peach, Pink) 0.02%
  • Medium Shades(Red, Blue, Yellow) 0.2%
  • Dark Shades 0.4%
  • Black 0.6%

Factors that may affect the amount of dye required for the desired shade include

  • The opacity of the wax
  • Wax additives such as stearic acid, polymers and microcrystalline wax
  • Fragrance

Gel Candles and Oils

  • Medium to Dark Shades 0.005% – 0.05%
  • Lighter Shades less than 0.004%

Always keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not swallow. Do not get on skin. Do not get in eyes. Please use with care as liquid dyes will stain.

C-Series SDS EU Liquid Dyes- C Series #D23191- D23214


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7 reviews for Tomato Red Liquid Dye D23192

  1. Tom Justice (verified owner)

    THE BEST red liquid dye I have ever used. Don’t hesitate. Super concentrated for an amazing colour result

  2. karl-m-2007 (verified owner)

    Produces a lovely bright red 😀

  3. g0ffik (verified owner)

    the perfect red!

  4. Tasha (verified owner)

    The best red dye I’ve ever used!!

  5. sonya (verified owner)

    True Red, not pink like others the best red dye for melts etc by a country mile!

  6. hollylast24 (verified owner)

    After reading lots of recommendations on Facebook about how good this red dye was I had to try it for myself and it really is great! A little goes a long way

  7. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Best wax dyes I’ve used

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