Twisted Mermaid Fragrance Oil

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A sweet fruity accord with notes of strawberry, peach, raspberry and rhubarb, with a hint of green leaf, followed by a touch of florality, all resting on a base of vanilla.

Twisted Mermaid – CLP at 10 (Non Hazardous Base)

Twisted Mermaid – CLP at 25 (Non Hazardous Base)

Twisted Mermaid – IFRA

Twisted Mermaid – SDS

Twisted Mermaid – Allergen Declaration

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22 reviews for Twisted Mermaid Fragrance Oil

  1. (verified owner)

    This is actually a lot nicer then I expected it to be. Has a lovely deep red berry scent to it with light florals in the background

  2. Agatha Rotherham

    I love this it’s a very strong fragrance. Love this..

  3. lucyann310881

    Amazing scent, strong & filled my home

  4. Jilly Boden

    Very nice and fruity smells very strong.

  5. Rosie Ogle (verified owner)

    Super strong

  6. gillianchristina96 (verified owner)

    I ordered the USA twisted mermaid oil in the sale and really loved it, so thought I’d give this one a go. It’s definitely a little different from the USA one but still a nice sweet scent.

  7. candlesbyhugo (verified owner)

    Reminds me of my ice cream man who used to sell raspberry pencil sweets this smells exactly like they did.

  8. Antonia Bland (verified owner)

    Smells lovely!

  9. meggiemoomoocards

    OMG such a lovely smell, I think it smells so similar to red bull it’s amazing and I can’t stop sniffing it!

  10. Melanie Billany (verified owner)

    This smells so good and the cold throw is amazing

  11. claire craig (verified owner)

    Love this one very strong and smell lovely

  12. natasha perkins (verified owner)

    love this one, very strong

  13. Kelsey neal (verified owner)

    Made melts using this oil today for the first time ever and omg I love it it’s so strong and smells absolutely amazing. Will definitely be buying it again?

  14. joanna.v.carr (verified owner)

    Fruity, tropical smell very strong.

  15. Laura Chedgey (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance, it’s a new one to my collection

  16. Shoni Boswell (verified owner)

    A beautiful fresh smell.

  17. Lisa Leonard (verified owner)

    This is my daughters favourite scent as I add it to her bath bombs.

  18. Leey Corry (verified owner)

    Love this scent a best seller

  19. Rebekah Heap (verified owner)

    Smells absolutely amazing!

  20. Sophie Homer (verified owner)

    Amazing strong fruity fragrance!?

  21. Marissa Godfrey (verified owner)

    Amazing, strong, both fresh & fruity!

  22. Lisa (verified owner)

    This is my personal favourite. I have it Assessed in Bath Bombs, Soaps and whipped soaps. It’s so popular and I adore showering with any product scented in this.

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