Black Cherry Merlot (BW) Fragrance Oil

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Black Cherry Merlot Fragrance

Lovely dark cherry top notes, with alcoholic hints, floral and orris middle notes with tints of oak barrels, on a vanilla and complex musk base.

Black Cherry Merlot – Allergen Declaration

Black Cherry Merlot – CLP at 10 (Non Hazardous Base)

Black Cherry Merlot – IFRA

Black Cherry Merlot – SDS

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7 reviews for Black Cherry Merlot (BW) Fragrance Oil

  1. Jade Haddow (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful scent, wasnt sure what to expect but i love it

  2. Leanne Kay (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this scent.

  3. elle brown (verified owner)

    Amazing scent that fills the room

  4. Michelle Tyler

    My favourite, made for the first time last month and can’t get enough of it, super strong 10/10

  5. shazlew (verified owner)

    A customer asked for this and I wasn’t sure to be honest, but it’s really nice and very strong.
    Very fruity can see this becoming a regular one

  6. jade_regan (verified owner)

    This smell is gorgeous! Fills the room.

  7. mrymjvd (verified owner)

    Our fave BBW scent! This is spot on!

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