EcoSoya Melt

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EcoSoya Melt

EcoSoya Melt is an all natural soy wax specifically designed for making perfect wax tarts and melts. This wax exhibits great scent throw, vibrant colours, and excellent mould release. Truly the perfect natural wax for smooth and creamy surface finish. This wax can take a fragrance load of up to 12%. We recommend heating this wax to around 70 degrees to melt and pouring at 60 degrees. Add fragrance as close to pour temperature as possible for optimum results.

Try this wax if you had previously used EcoSoya Q230 from the old Quantum range.

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4 reviews for EcoSoya Melt

  1. Margot Roe

    I personally think this is better than pillar blend. The scent throw is amazing. Some people
    are put off by the strong smell of the wax but not me! Once made up it is amazing and the colour is extremely vibrant with no frosting. I would chose this now over kerasoy pillar blend

  2. Mr David N Jackson (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best wax around try it out you won’t be disappointed perfect in rubber molds and plastic molds 👍

  3. Mrs O (verified owner)

    First time using this wax. Very pleased with ease of unmolding and shine on my wax melts. no frosting. Easy to use. will buy more from you. Highly recommend!

  4. Nicola mccafferty (verified owner)

    This wax is an absolute dream to work with. My new wax I’m converted now. The shine is unreal and no frosting to be seen. The CT is super strong so I’m now letting them cure. I totally recommend this wax.

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