Make Your Own: Lip Balm Starter Kit

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Make Your Own: Lip Balm Starter Kit

This kit includes:

25g Beeswax (Vegan Option available)

10ml Flavouring (Your Choice)

Rice Bran Oil 50ml

Grapeseed Oil 50ml

Cocoa Butter 10g

Shea Butter 15g

15 x Lip Balm Tubes (Choice of White or Natural)

Additional items that you will need:

Heat proof Bowl/Container

Gloves (non porous)


Microwavable Jug

Mixing Spoon


All though Mica is available on the Assessment we have not included it in the starter kit as the amount needed for such a small batch could not be easily controlled

Please note that you may not sell this recipe it belongs to Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils Limited, selling this recipe may result in a lawsuit. You may not use this recipe to sell Lip Balm unless you buy the assessment from Stansfield’s Fragrance Oils Limited.

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